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VRDT Corporation (“Verdant”)

Verdant delivers total energy solutions and profitable distributed grid management through a robust energy technology aggregation model. Verdant is a…

• Acquisition, investment and partnership platform;
• Vertical and horizontal roll-up with wholly owned / non-consolidated subsidiaries;
• Aggregator of leading technology companies with robust management teams;
• Technology & systems integrator; and
• Brand creating new incremental revenue to market through horizontal integration

The Verdant Aggregation Model

Verdant creates significant synergies by developing products and solutions across a set of verticals including energy storage, infrastructure, energy generation, automotive, charging and other industry.

We believe the terms ‘green’ and ‘alternative’ energy are short-lived. Future markets will embrace the most efficient, profitable and sustainable way forward. Today it’s ‘green’ and ‘alternative’. Tomorrow it will be the standard.


There exist a number of smaller players with truly innovative capabilities; however, these companies, and the industry in general, lack a common vision and an effective commercialization strategy. These companies tend to be heavily R&D focused and lack sufficient sales and marketing resources. Out of necessity rather than desire, their products are developed in isolation rather than in the context of a broader vision and go-to-market strategy. These companies also lack the critical mass to effectively scale and bring their solutions to market.

Vertical and Horizontal Roll-up

Verdant is a holding company consisting of vertical wholly owned subsidiaries (non-consolidated) that have solid management teams and are independently successful. Horizontal incremental revenue generation capability is provided by taking a piece of each of the verticals to create a new revenue stream to market.

Verdant Growth Capital, Marketing and Sales

Verdant has the financial firepower to rapidly scale and inject growth capital where and when needed to deliver solutions against large industrial order books. We have a highly specialized direct engagement team covering military, governmental and commercial enterprise with master planning skills to deliver a robust ROI that covers the entire life cycle of a solution: Commissioning through to acceptance, servicing and recovery. We are also the umbrella brand for green technologies, engaging in visible marketing initiatives that both raise awareness and excitement within industry and the public.

Verdant Feedback Loop

Product based approaches to new energy tech initiatives do not work. Verdant applies this more efficient and profitable energy technology to the entire value chain – to re-purpose, augment and sweat assets from one application to the next, seamlessly maximizing value.


Verdant leverages its portfolio companies’ R&D competencies to deliver genuine value both vertically and horizontally. By handling the sales burden, we allow partners to focus on designing, delivering and integrating great solutions. Verdant also has strong university R&D partnerships. This provides a commercial outlet for future innovation as well as the talent to support it.


We have begun to strategically and tactically acquire, invest or partner to realize our vision with defined operational targets. We prioritize and rapidly ramp up these commercially ready solutions and bring them to market.

Verdant offers many exciting investment opportunities with diverse entry/exit strategies. If you would like more information, please use the form under Contact to drop us a line.