Our Story

VRDT Corporation (“Verdant”)

Verdant delivers total energy solutions and profitable distributed grid management through a robust energy technology aggregation model. Verdant is a…

• Acquisition, investment and partnership platform;
• Vertical and horizontal roll-up with wholly owned / non-consolidated subsidiaries;
• Aggregator of leading technology companies with robust management teams;
• Technology & systems integrator; and
• Brand creating new incremental revenue to market through horizontal integration

Verdant creates significant synergies by developing products and solutions across a set of verticals including energy storage, infrastructure, energy generation, automotive, charging and other industry.

We believe the terms ‘green’ and ‘alternative’ energy are short-lived. Future markets will embrace the most efficient, profitable and sustainable way forward. Today it’s ‘green’ and ‘alternative’. Tomorrow it will be the standard.

Verdant Future Vision 2012 SD

Verdant One Sheet